Cookie Conundrums – The Cookie Booth Encounter

It’s a Saturday morning, the alarm goes off and you’re up and at ‘em. You have a list of places to go and things to get that’s a mile long. You head out the door, focused on the tasks at hand. First stop, coffee. You have the liquid gold, the radio is playing all the great songs and you are focused. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to get in your way today!

Second stop, Westlake Ace Hardware – that leaky faucet has leaked its last day today. Car door shut, coffee in hand, determined, the doors to the store open.


You look up in a daze, you’re confused. There are three, three-foot tall, real-life Girl Scout Cookies approaching you. Their faces are sweet, warm, welcoming. Their cookie costumes are far too big for their little stature. Before you can answer their question, each girl starts naming the different cookies for sale; Caramel DeLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints, the list goes on but your attention is captured.


Leaky faucet? What leaky faucet? It doesn’t matter that you’ve already bought and eaten three boxes before they got home to your spouse and kids. You see this as the universe’s way of redeeming yourself.

These little Girl Scout Daisies are tricky, you see. They use their charm and impress you with their quick math skills.

With redemption in your mind, you ask “how much is a box?” (Already fully aware that a box is $4).

“$4” they exclaim back in unison!

You want to make it harder for them, see how much they reallllllly know. “How much would it be for 4 boxes?”

They ponder and look at each other. Then count – “4, 8, 12, 16! Four boxes is $16!”

Thoroughly impressed, you tell them you’ll take 4 boxes (that’ll make up for the three you already consumed, plus one, you’re in the clear with your family)!

They help select the four kinds of cookies you want, place them in a bag and hand them to you. Telling you, politely, “that’ll be $16, please.”

You hand them a $20 bill and from behind the table a little voice pops out, “you could make it 5 boxes for an event $20,” you hear from a brave Girl Scout.

All of a sudden a flood of memories comes back, you’re remember being that Girl Scout, the one who found her voice at the Cookie Booth when you were a mere little Daisy. You remember using the money you earned to go on your very first campout, eating your first s’more, chasing fireflies with your fellow Girl Scouts.

Proud of that Daisy for speaking up, you agree to her deal. You are five boxes of cookies richer, and your heart is full, knowing that you just supported the largest girl led business in the world.


Find a cookie booth near you and make your next weekend of errands a whole lot sweeter!


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