Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – David Ordonio

David Ordonio was first introduced to the wonderful world of Girl Scout camp by his future wife, Tina, who was a counselor at Camp Oakledge in the 1980’s. Little did he know, Girl Scouts would become a huge part of his life in the future.

David and Tina married and had two daughters, Faith and Grace, both of whom have been Girl Scouts since the first grade. Faith is a member of troop 3473 and a senior at Liberty High School. Grace is a member of troop 1592 and is in eighth grade.

Since 2008, David, a special education teacher, has dedicated much of his extra time as an awesome Girl Scout volunteer. He said he caught the bug of volunteerism slowly but surely.

“I had been helping to set-up twilight camp and then they had me on security at the camp,” David said. “Soon I was helping the girls learn to fish.”


One of his favorite recent memories is of one of the girls in the troop who struggles with special needs. He was there to watch when she caught her first fish. Something that wasn’t easy for anyone that day due to the heat.

“The troop was cheering and they were all so supportive,” David said. “It was fun to see them come together like that.”


One of the best things to come out of his daughters as Girl Scouts is the change he has seen in both of them because of their involvement.

“I’ve seen tremendous growth in both of them,” David said.


While both of his daughters have very different personalities he has seen them both become more confident and soar in their problem-solving skills.

As if you can get more awesome results than that – he says his daughters’ thirst for adventure. As a family they refer to the popular Disney movie, Up, for one of their family mottos.

Thanks for the adventure – Now go have a new one!

“We went zip lining in a rainforest when we visited Hawaii.” David said. “They weren’t intimidated at all! They love to go on new adventures.”

David says their excitement for new activities comes from all the great adventures they get to do with their troop. They are not afraid to go for it because, thanks to what they’ve learned in Girl Scouts, they know how to adapt and they are always prepared.

Another movie quote David would like to share with other men who aren’t yet involved with Girl Scouts comes from City Slickers.

You’ve got to find your “why.”

“Start out small, helping gradually,” David said. “That’s the best way to find out where you fit and the best way to find your ‘why’.”

For David, it’s simple. His “why” will always be his family.


David, thanks for all your years of service to Girl Scouts! If you know a volunteer who is “Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout” please email us at

Get Adventurous!

When it comes to getting adventurous, Girl Scouts is the place to be! We know that girls want the opportunity to get outside, unplug from daily grind and to try new things and our adventure programs do just that.

Each of our adventure program areas – climbing, zipline, team building, rappel and archery – is progressively challenging and offers a variety of activities within each area! As the adult, you can rest assured knowing that your Girl Scouts are the hands of trained professionals!

A phrase you’ll hear a lot out at Camp Prairie Schooner and Camp Winding River while participating in adventure activities is “challenge by choice.” These three little words mean that no girl is going to be forced to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. We know that girls’ have a better experience when they individually make the brave decision to rappel, zip or climb to the top of the tower.

Our professionally trained staff will ensure that your Girl Scout or troop has the best experience and will tailor activities to suit your needs.

Earlier this spring, troop leader Stephanie Proctor eagerly signed up her Junior troop for another exciting session of archery! This was going to be a new experience for some of the girls in her troop, including Phoebe.

Before the session, Stephanie reached out to our program staff to let them know that Phoebe has some challenges with her motor skills and hand strength.

When Troop 776 arrived at Camp Prairie Schooner, they got right down to business, Phoebe included. Adventure staff worked with her on finding the perfect bow, getting the settings just right and making sure that she learned to work the bow, all by herself.


“What could have been a frustrating day for Phoebe turned into a fun filled event for all, Phoebe’s mom, Katie said. “All the girls really enjoyed the day and much fun was had!”


So when you’re considering an adventure for your troop or individual Girl Scout, don’t let her lack of experience or personal needs prevent you from giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Phoebe was so confident that the last round she did all by herself and was successful.  The huge smile on her face was amazing,” Stephanie said.


Find your perfect Adventure Program experience today!

“Bloom Where You are Planted”

Daisy Hindman’s Legacy to Girl Scouts

Camp Daisy Hindman is a favorite among Girl Scouts in our region. It also happens to be one of the oldest Girl Scout camps in the United States! This beautiful and serene wooded valley was founded in 1929. But do you know the history of why it is named Camp Daisy Hindman? Plenty of Girl Scouts enjoy its splendor but not many know how it came to be!

Thankfully we got to talk with Camp Daisy Hindman’s great-niece, Judith Miller of Topeka, Kansas, regarding her great-aunt’s love of the outdoors and the legacy she left us all.

Growing up, Judith spent a lot of time with her Aunt Daisy.

“She never had kids of her own but she had so much fun with everyone else’s kids,” Judith said. “She was such a character! She was someone who liked everyone and the kids loved it when she was around.”


Daisy was born and raised in Topeka. For a short time she worked as a telephone operator but soon met her husband Bill and got involved in the Topeka Women’s Club.

When asked why she thought her great-aunt got involved with Girl Scouts and became dedicated to making sure the camp was brought to life, Judith said Girl Scouts was her way of connecting with children when she couldn’t have her own.

In 1925, Daisy was elected Girl Scout Commissioner and attended the National Convention, where her idea to create a camp for Girl Scouts in her area was born.

“She loved being outdoors and believed all girls should have more outdoor experiences,” Judith said. “She was focused on this project because giving this gift to girls was important to her.”

When Daisy returned home she rallied for support and donations, as well as walked the hills of Dover until she found the original 20 acres that became the camp. She knew she wanted a place with good accessibility to Topeka but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of life for girls to get away from it all.

“She was the ultimate source behind the development of the camp,” Judith said. “She walked the fields and knocked on doors to help spread the word and get support for the project. It took a lot of time and effort to get the camp off the ground.”

Despite the hard work it took, they soon accumulated the land and the camp, originally known as Camp Dover, was officially founded in 1929.


“She was so proud of the camp and talked about it all the time,” Judith said. “She was always telling us you have to plant things.”

And plant, she sure did!

Daisy is a great example of what hard work and dedication can do for your community. Plant those ideas in the ground and they can blossom into a wonderful legacy for others to enjoy. Thousands of girls and adults have enjoyed Camp Daisy Hindman throughout the years.

Will you be visiting us at Camp Daisy Hindman this summer? We hope to see you there! Register today!

Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day

Our Top 10 Thank You List to Troop Leaders

Today, April 22 we celebrate our more than 2,000 troop leaders who make Girl Scouting possible across our 47 counties! Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day!!


The Top 10 Ways Troop Leaders Rock!

  1. Not afraid to show their silly side 

Troop leaders bring the FUN! They make sure girls have lots of laughs while experiencing all the great things Girl Scouts offers. 

  1. Make the best treats

Whether it is during a troop meeting or better yet over a campfire, troop leaders share some pretty fantastic treats. Do you remember your first banana boat or Girl Scout GORP? Think back, it was probably a favorite troop leader who introduced you to that sweet, most amazing treat!

  1. Will sleep on the floor, ground or pull an all-nighter

Do you remember your first camp-out or Girl Scout All-Nighter? Great memories, right? Your troop leader was there and just like you slept on the ground or often not at all making sure you had the best experience possible.

  1. Best cheerleader ever

Girl Scouts is such a cool place that gives you a lot of new experiences, but sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement to overcome the challenge before you. Troop leaders know just how to encourage and cheer you until the challenge is no more.

  1. Sing the coolest songs

Do you remember your favorite Girl Scout song? Make New Friends or maybe the Johnny Appleseed Grace? There are 1,000 awesome Girl Scout songs and think back to how you learned your first song. Most likely, it was your awesome troop leader who taught you the super cool song that most likely you are humming right now.

  1. Are so crafty

From SWAPS to eye-catching troop t-shirts, leaders have such creativity and bring great art projects to girls. Who still has a craft or two from their Girl Scout experience?

  1. Best task managers

There is nothing like a Girl Scout Kaper chart or how your troop leader helped you divide chores while at camp. That teamwork approach made you much better with chores at home. Your parents / caregivers certainly took notice and sent their thanks to your troop leader.

  1. She is your mom / He is your dad

It’s really cool when you get to spend time completing a project, going on a trip, camping or learning other new things with your mom or dad as your troop leader. You see your parent / caregiver troop leader in another light and that bond becomes even stronger.

  1. Mentor, Supporter

A troop leader doesn’t rest. She/he cares so deeply and supports you through all the Girl Scout achievements – Earning your first petal / badge, Bridging, meeting your Girl Scout Cookie Program goals and going for your Gold Award. For most of us, our Girl Scout Troop Leader is in the top 5 of the most influential people in our lives.

  1. Grow future leaders 

If you are an alumna, you probably credit Girl Scouts for the leader you are today. You are that leader because of the great experiences you had. Those awesome experiences were made possible because of a troop leader.

There are certainly many more reasons why Troop Leaders Rock! What would be on your Top 10 list?

Happy Girl Scout Leader’s Day!!

Bling Your Booth – Grand Champions, Troop 484

Chillicothe, a community just shy of 9,000 residents in north central Missouri is home to some pretty amazing things:

  1. Sliced Bread.
  2. 16 Murals, including the Girl Scout/Youth Mural.
  3. Gold Award Recipient, Carly Hibner.


2015 Bling Your Booth Champions – Junior Troop 484


Bling Your Booth was back by popular demand this year! Troops from across our 47-county service area were invited to participate in community booth sales and decorate their booth / table by adding signage, lights and all out bling. Troops could add anything to showcase their Girl Scout Cookie Business to customers while following booth etiquette and protocol.

Troop 484 is really into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) so it was no surprise that their booth involved their own interpretation of the periodic table. The periodic table of Girl Scout Cookies, that is.

Their blinged out booth earned them a weekly champion spot that advanced them to the grand champion round. During that week of voting, they received more than 900 votes. Combined with the judge’s scores from Hendrick Lexus, Troop 484 was crowned Grand Champions!

These Girl Scouts and troop leaders did a great job of working their cookie business and showcasing their booth at locations around the community. When it came time to rally for votes, they already had a solid base of supporters in their community! When asked about their strategy for racking up votes, one troop member said “We’re just naturally awesome!”

Obviously we knew that!

On Sunday, we celebrated the awesomeness of Troop 484 at their local bowling alley, The Fast Lane! Girl Scouts and troop leaders worked the “green carpet” and enjoyed some troop time bowling! Following, they had their own private bling dinner party complete with a candy/goodie buffet and special visit from CEO, Joy Wheeler!




Way to go Troop 484!

You answered the BLING call,

Your creative Girl Scout Cookie Booth inspired us all,

Now is the time to stand Girl Scout proud and tall!


Congrats to all of our Final 4: Troop 1643 from Lee’s Summit, Mo. (2nd place); Troop 8340 from St. Joseph, Mo. (3rd place) and Troop 1630 from Blue Springs, Mo. (4th place overall). All these troops received Cookie Dough to be used at the Shop or for outdoor adventure and learning activities! Thanks for participating, we can’t wait for more FUN next year!!

Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – Dwight Fowler

When Dwight and Michele Fowler’s only daughter Cecilie came along (after four boys, mind you!) they both wanted to make sure she would have the same experiences their sons had growing up. Thanks to Girl Scouts she has been able to do just that – and more!

Michele began a Daisy troop when it was time for her daughter to join Girl Scouts. Cecilie is now 16-years-old and loving Girl Scouts more than ever. But even more impressive – she’s doing it all with her dad by her side as an assistant leader for troop #1721!


At first Dwight started off as a parent helper. But as his sons grew up and left home to start their own lives, he realized he wanted to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. All signs pointed in the direction of Girl Scouts!

“When this all started I tried to steer clear of the girls. I would drop off things and immediately take myself away from the troop,” Dwight said, “I think there is an unspoken stigma that makes men feel like they can’t be involved in Girl Scouts.”

As he saw how many great things Girl Scouts was doing for his daughter and the girls in the troop he decided to sign on as an assistant leader and he has never looked back.

Outdoor and adventure is where it’s at for this nature-loving family. He loves teaching girls how to be self-reliant in the wilderness with survival skills.


“It teaches them how to take care of themselves,” Dwight said. “It opens an avenue for all the girls to try something new. “


One new experience included exploring the inside of a cave. Dwight said the girls were apprehensive at first, as they didn’t know what to expect. But pretty soon their eyes were opened to the beauty of a place undiscovered.

“At first they are not real sure of themselves,” Dwight said. “I see my daughter go in really scared and nervous. But after a bit of time in the cave you start to see their confidence come out.”


As both a dad and a volunteer, he sees the girls in his troop growing and building their courage as they journey through each stage of Girl Scouts.

Dwight has some important words of wisdom for dads of Girl Scouts who aren’t yet involved with the troop.

“I get real satisfaction and enjoyment in watching the girls learn how to make a difference,” Dwight said. “When I send my daughter out the door and it’s her turn to go make good decisions I can be happy that I was a part of my daughter’s life. It makes me feel better knowing that I was a part of it as Girl Scouts helped instill good values in her.”

Dwight, thank you for the many years of service you have given to Girl Scouts and for being man enough to be a Girl Scout yourself!

Do you know someone who is man enough to be a Girl Scout? Send his name and story our way at

Camp Meals Get a Whole New Look with Partner InHome Bistro

Meals at Camp Daisy Hindman will be getting a makeover this summer thanks to a partnership with InHome Bistro! Campers will still experience traditional camp fare such as sloppy joes and macaroni and cheese, but the ingredients and where they come from will be quite different!


InHome Bistro is a farm to table concept founded by Kiersten Firquain, or “Chef K” as she is called more than 10 years ago to provide locally sourced, season products, fresh ideas and healthy creations to students and adults of all ages. Working with more than 250 farms within a 150 mile radius in the Good Natured Family Farm coop and other local farms, InHome Bistro uses proteins and dairy from animals that are hormone and antibiotic free as well as whole grains and zero sugar in their desserts!

“The menu may not look a lot different, but the ingredients that go into preparing those foods we feel are the most nutrient rich that we can source for the girls,” Chef K said!

This summer, campers will enjoy kid-friendly meals prepared by professional chefs with InHome Bistro. In addition to the main dish, there will be a fruit bar at breakfast and a salad bar with more than 30 types of produce at both lunch and dinner.

“Summer camp is a natural fit for us to be able to provide all of that season produce that we have in the Midwest during the summer,” Chef K said.

Camp Daisy will also be getting a working garden!

Chef K and Girl Scouts are partnering with Eating from the Garden to set up a garden at Camp Daisy. Each session Eating from the Garden will come and do a hands on culinary class with Girl Scouts that ties into the gardens. Girl Scouts will be involved with planting, tending or harvesting the garden site depending on where their session falls within the season! The chefs will also be use the produce from this working garden in the meals that they prepare!

“We want girls to become the advocates and make those things at home. We want to take it one step further. It’s the Girl Scout curriculum – we’re not just learning it here and doing it here, we’re extending it back to home or to school so we would like to see that with the healthy food choices as well,” Chef K said.

We’re excited to partner with InHome Bistro and Eating from the Garden to incorporate nutrition education and instill healthy habits to help build girls of courage, confidence, and character!

Don’t wait – register for a summer camp session at Camp Daisy today!

Let’s Hear it For Our Volunteers!

Celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week

It’s only natural that at Girl Scouts, our focus be on girls. But ask any Girl Scout and she will probably tell you how much she loves her troop leader – and the multitude of other volunteers that make what we do for girls possible!

It takes a lot (8,500+) of awesome adult volunteers across our communities to plan and provide all the fun activities and exciting experiences for Girl Scouts.

April 12th through April 18th is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. We want to encourage girls, parents and caregivers to take a little time to say THANK YOU to the volunteers in your troop or service unit!


Here’s a top 8 list to get your creativity flowing!

  1. Download this year’s themed thank you card and write your personal message of thanks.
  1. Tell us about your troop leader. How does she/he inspire you? Send us your special tribute by April 17 for inclusion in a GS Leader’s Day blog post on April 22.
  1. Share your appreciation for that special volunteer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Share a photo and inspiring words and don’t forget to tag @gsksmo @girlscouts and use the hashtag #NVW15. We want to follow along and help spread the love and appreciation for our volunteers!
  1. Make a thank you booklet with photos, drawings and special memories from the girls.
  1. Decorate a clay pot and plant some fresh spring flowers (Daisies are always a Girl Scout favorite) and add the phrase “Thanks for helping me /us grow into future leader(s)”.
  1. Host a surprise party with cake and special messages from the girls.
  1. Give a spa or restaurant gift certificate.
  1. Make a tribute gift in honor of your special volunteer to help more girls be a part of Girl Scouts.

Every gift is special! Tell us how you are celebrating and what other creative ideas you have come up with.

Let’s make sure all Girl Scout volunteers know how much you appreciate them during National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

It Takes a Village

Girl Scout Volunteer and Alumna Gives Back through Daisy’s Circle

Lysette DeBoard remembers wanting to join Girl Scouts more than anything as a young girl. She was finally able to join as a brownie and stayed active in Girl Scouts until the 6th grade when, unfortunately, there were no older troops available in her area.

But Lysette came back to Girl Scouts in the role of a leader for her daughter’s troop in Lawrence, Kansas. She now volunteers as a dual-level troop leader for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts. She is also excited to serve as this summer’s day camp director as well as the service unit secretary. Yes, I think it’s safe to say that Girl Scouts is still a big part of her life!



Lysette knows that the skills girls learn in Girl Scouts are about much more than just earning a badge. When girls learn something new they want to put it into action – and that’s exactly what her daughter Alexandria did after earning her First Aid badge as a Cadette.

“As she was walking home from school, she and her friend had seen an older gentleman fall in his driveway who was unable to get up,” Lysette explained. “My daughter ran over and began her first aid treatment. She asked her friend to go inside to get help and broke out her first aid kit that we had assembled at one of our meetings, donned her plastic gloves, cleaned the cut on his leg and covered it with bandages. By the time the son came out his dad was cleaned up and ready for assistance to get back on his feet!”

Alexandria quickly used the skills she learned in a real emergency. Lysette saw firsthand how Girl Scouts gives girls a sense of usefulness and confidence and that’s the exactly the reason she continues to be a part of Girl Scouts in our community.

“To this day, I get goose bumps thinking about how proud my daughter was,” Lysette said. “It gives me hope that other girls can achieve this feeling because of their time in Girl Scouts.”

In order to ensure more girls can continue building skills and confidence, Lysette chose to join Daisy’s Circle. She knows that Girl Scouts is an important program in the lives of girls. Lysette, who is an elementary school music teacher, feels that some of the skills needed are being left behind in favor of standardized testing.

“Girl Scouts is a great way for girls to continue to learn the skills to be courageous and confident in the world of tomorrow,” Lysette said. “My hope is that because of my contribution, more girls will have the chance to be a part of the Girl Scout experience.”

For Lysette, giving back to Girl Scouts means believing girls are a worthwhile investment.

“As the African proverb says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and my contributions are just one small part of the resources that will help to raise the children in Girl Scouts,” Lysette said.

Lysette encourages everyone to remember time spent outside with friends in the sun and the rain. Remember time spent playing and creating imaginary worlds and challenges that could only be overcome by us – the heroines. She wants to make sure ALL girls can be the heroines in their own lives. You can help girls do this by joining Daisy’s Circle.

Lysette, we thank you for being a heroine in girls’ lives by giving your time and resources to Girl Scouts.

Learn more and consider joining Daisy’s Circle today!

A Day in the Life of a Girl Scout Cookie Business Leader

It’s not about your age, Girl Scout experience, or familiarity with Kansas City when it comes to a successful cookie season, just ask Daisy Girl Scout Mackenzie Barrera.

For more than 6 weeks, Mackenzie lived and breathed Girl Scout Cookies. It was her vision, passion and determination that earned her the prestigious title of Top Cookie Seller.


Her original goal was to sell just 150 packages of Cookies and earn the adorable stuffed polar bear in her first year as a Girl Scout and participating in the Cookie Program. When Mackenzie achieved that recognition level early in the season, she reevaluated her goal and set her sights a little higher – sell 2,000 packages and earn the night at Great Wolf Lodge! When she blew that goal out of the water mid-season, she and her family decided that her ultimate goal was to be #1 in Cookie Sales out of the 20,000 Girl Scouts selling this year across our council. Like her goals previously, she achieved it, selling 4,737 packages of Girl Scout Cookies!! Just to be clear, that number doesn’t reflect the several cases of Trios she sold!

Mackenzie and her family moved to Kansas City on August 28, 2014 when her Mother, Mary Barrera was relocated with the Marine Corps. Previously residing in San Diego, the Barrera family had a friend in high school who they saw having awesome Girl Scout experiences. So when they saw the Girl Scout table at Back to School night, it was an easy decision to sign up Mackenzie up! There was one small problem though; the forming troop still needed a leader. Having lived here for about a week and with zero Girl Scout experience, Mary took on the challenge!

As cookie season approached, Daisy Troop 3135 talked about the 5 Skills and Mackenzie really took them to heart. Following a troop meeting, Mary decided to bring out her old economics text book and take the 5 Skills one step further with her daughter to help her see that selling Cookies is a business that she can own and be proud of!


Mackenzie learned about market share and market advantage to help her make a business plan. Even at the age of 6, Mary believed that Mackenzie could grasp the concepts to have a successful run her first year selling cookies. At first, Mackenzie was scared and didn’t think that she could do it because she was “too small” but her family encouraged her to believe that she could do anything but she had to be smarter than the average bear!

Earning the top cookie seller title doesn’t come easy, or without a team to assist. It was a family affair with Mom, Dad and future Girl Scout and sister Natalie. The ideas were her own but her family helped her see them through!

“I told her I would go out with her every day until she got sick of it. I really thought she would get sick of it!” Mary said. But, Mackenzie never did!

When her first shipment of cookies arrived on February 10, she hit the ground running and never looked back. Mackenzie only took off 4 days during Cookie Season – every other day she was working her business. Even on the days she was feeling under the weather, she requested hot tea with honey and lemon for a little pick me up before she got to work!

“In the beginning I helped her set up the booth. By the end I would just take the table out of the car because she couldn’t do that but she would have to move all the cookies, “Mary said.

Mackenzie won’t divulge all her secrets and tactics because she is a smart business woman (and because she has set her goals even higher next year)! However, she does want her Girl Scout sisters to also have successful cookie businesses. “I would tell them to never give up,” was her advice to other Girl Scouts.

Mackenzie wasn’t the only one in her troop that had successful cookie season! Her friend Kaira sold more than 2,000 boxes as well, often working her business alongside Mackenzie’s.


After it’s all said and done, Mackenzie’s work ethic and savvy business practices have earned her every item in the recognition program including $180 in Cookie Dough, tickets to Girl Scout Day at the K, Sporting KC, SeaLife and LEGOLAND passes as well as an overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Additionally, she helped raise more than $3,000 for activities for her troop!

As a troop they have learned about “save a little, give a little and spend a little” and that will impact how they use their cookie money. One thing they have decided is that they will be donating some of their proceeds to five area charities that they voted on.

Lastly, participating in the Cookie Program this year has brought the Barrera’s family Girl Scout experience full circle. Several years ago Mackenzie’s Dad, Boris, was stationed in Afghanistan with the Marines and while there he received packages of Girl Scout Cookies from the USO. Mackenzie is proud to have raised $828 for the Cookie Share Program. 207 packages will be sent to service men and women on her behalf.

We are so proud of Mackenzie’s hard work and commend her on an excellent first Cookie Season! While she hasn’t finalized her goal for 2016, she knows that she wants to top her sales from this year. We have no doubt that Mackenzie can achieve anything she puts her mind to!


Congratulations to these Girl Scouts who sold 2,000+ packages of Girl Scout Cookies:

Emma M. – Troop 3595 – 2,025 Girl Scout Cookies

Kaira L. – Troop 3135 – 2,010 Girl Scout Cookies

Rebecca M. – Troop 27 – 2,248 Girl Scout Cookies

Tehya F. – Troop 1945 – 3,172 Girl Scout Cookies