Girl Scout Cookies Bring a Smile

Our Cookie Share Program Supports the USO

While our Cookie Season has wrapped up, it’s just beginning for deployed, returning and active military personnel at Fort Riley, Whiteman Air Force Base, and Fort Leavenworth!

The USO was selected as the beneficiary of the Cookie Share Program this year! On May 14, Girl Scouts, volunteers and staff members made a very special delivery of more than 40,800 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the USO at Ft. Riley.


40,800 boxes is no small feat! That’s approximately $163,200 in product that our generous cookie customers gave back to support the USO!

Girl Scouts and their troops brainstormed various methods that they would use to build donations for Cookie Share. Girl Scouts invited customers to buy a box or more and used extra change received to purchase even more boxes. Clearly their hard work and determination paid off!

The cookies will be housed at Fort Riley, but service men, women and their families’ at all three bases will benefit from the generosity of Girl Scouts and their customers.


Since 2003 the USO has distributed more than 1.5 million care packages to troops deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq and other overseas locations, as well as R&R flights. The USO Fort Riley includes a box of Girl Scout Cookies in each of these deployment packages as well as prepaid int’l phone cards, snacks, games, reading materials, sunscreen, and toiletries. The USO also issues care packages to individual soldiers returning from deployment in which they also receive a box of Girl Scouts Cookies!

The USO’s most important mission is to support military families. From programs that help kids cope with issues unique to military life, to No Dough Dinners (which include Girl Scout Cookies for dessert!) that offer meals to families just before payday, the USO offers programs that meet the needs of all ages and families.

“It is fantastic to see that there are so many people who care about supporting our service men and women,” USO Director, Jill Iwen said. They are honored to be selected as the cookie share partner and are excited that some many people donated to support the USO!

So, THANK YOU Girl Scouts, volunteers and cookie customers! Together we are providing a little bit of familiarity and comfort to those who need it!

Check out the blog post from the USO at Fort Riley about being the Cookie Share partner!

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