Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout – Matthew Filing

Working as a Producer at Lockton Companies, Matt Filing has always had plenty of opportunities to get involved. But in 2011, he received a phone call that would change the course of his volunteerism.

That call came from the current GSKSMO Board Chair who asked if he would be interested in joining the board. Matt is no stranger to volunteering with local organizations that support youth. But he felt certain that this call came exactly at the right time in his life.

He and his wife, Courtney, always knew he wanted his daughter Lucy to be a Girl Scout. She was four-years-old at the time and would soon become a Kindergartener.

“I knew she would be joining as a Daisy when she went to Kindergarten,” Matt said. “The programming with Girl Scouts impressed me. What they had to offer my daughter was what we wanted her to experience.”

Matt and Lucy at their first father/daughter dance.

Matt and Lucy at their first father/daughter dance.

Matt’s passion for empowering children to believe in themselves and the fact that his daughter would be in Girl Scouts was the sign Matt needed.

The stars aligned and Matt felt a pull to say YES in order to help girls build courage, confidence and character!

In the five years Matt has been involved with Girl Scouts he has seen his family grow from one child to three, including another daughter and son. But he has also seen the organization grow as a whole.

Photo by Peep Toe Photography

Photo by Peep Toe Photography

“We’re changing the way we communicate with girls,” Matt said. “We are becoming a more forward-thinking organization and that mentality is good when you’re trying to draw new girls and volunteers in. They need to know what we’re about and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Matt has held different roles on the board but says working with the fund development committee has been one of his favorite jobs.

“We’ve met with great corporations who became our partners like Burns & McDonnell, Westar and Garmin,” Matt said. “Forming new relationships with people and sharing what we’re doing for girls in our community is what I’ve enjoyed most about being on the board.”

Matt recently accepted the position of Board Chair for the council at the Annual Meeting held in April. One of his favorite memories so far is standing up on that stage and saying I am man enough to be a Girl Scout! If you were there then you know that Matt’s declaration was very well received!


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Afterward, Matt’s mother, an alumna, shared her Girl Scout sash from many years ago.

He recognizes Girl Scouts is not an organization that has typically gotten the attention of dads and male volunteers. The words “Man” and “Girl Scouts” haven’t really been uttered in the same sentence. But that is changing, folks! We need more amazing male role models like Matt to stand up and say, “Yes! I am man enough to be a Girl Scout!” After all, it’s all about positively influencing girls.

“My daughters and the girls in Lucy’s troop look up to me as a role model,” Matt said. “I know the more I get involved in their activities the better it is for our relationship.”

Since starting Girl Scouts as a daisy Matt has seen Lucy grow more confident. She is becoming much more outgoing and her friendships in the troop and at school have blossomed.


Matt, it’s clear you have a passion for empowering girls and sharing the important work Girl Scouts is doing. Thank you for being Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout!

We know there are so many more men out there who could do the same. So now’s your chance – could it be the stars are aligning for you? If you or someone you know is interesting in volunteering you can get more information by visiting our website.

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