What’s in a Camp Name?

Camp season has arrived and we can hardly believe it! It feels like only yesterday we were stuck inside, hiding from the cold (or selling cookies in freezing temperatures!).

But it’s finally time, Girl Scouts! Emerge from indoors and let’s head outside together! What better way to do that than attending a resident camp session at Camp Daisy Hindman!

Did you know there are 40 camp staff members at Camp Daisy who have already been trained to help you have the time of your life? They are ready for you, campers!

Whether its archery, horseback riding or hiking, they will be lined up and waiting with a friendly smile when you arrive.


For some of you, this will be your first time venturing away from home and to this camp. Maybe you’ll miss your parents, your friends, your own bed! Chances are you may feel a little homesick when you arrive.

But we want to let you in on a little secret – sometimes our staff gets homesick too! One of the ways the staff members build camaraderie within the camp community is by coming up with fun nicknames!


Laura Jernigan has been Camp Director for seven years and has been at Camp Daisy for two years. She says it is a longstanding tradition at resident camp.

“Each staff member gets a letter before the start of the season explaining they need to think of ideas for their camp name,” Laura said. “The names really become a part of who they are as they are introduced by that name and keep it all summer long.”

A camper writes a letter to staff member "Vitamin D"

A camper writes a letter to staff member “Vitamin D”

Laura certainly knows a thing or two about a nickname sticking! A Girl Scout starting in the second grade, Laura volunteered as a camp program aide when she was 16 and earned the camp name “popcorn” since it’s one of her favorite things to eat! She has been lovingly referred to as “popcorn” ever since.

“It can come from something interesting about the person, or something funny that happened,” Laura said. “Our assistant director, Katie Rogers, tripped and fell on the first day of training. We call her ‘Crash’ now!”

These camp names not only help the staff feel like a part of a close-knit team but it also helps Girl Scouts connect with the staff too. Some girls use this idea to create camp names for their new friends! If you’re quiet you will probably be able to hear some very silly camp names being yelled throughout the property!

On the last morning of camp the staff members stand in front of all the Girl Scouts, sing a song and reveal their real names! It’s one of the traditions that makes the memories from Camp Daisy Hindman last a lifetime.


Laura, Katie and all the camp staff can’t wait for you to arrive at camp and learn what’s in a camp name in person!

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