Meet Me in St. Louis

What do you get when you combine 33 Junior Girl Scouts, 12 adults, 1 GSKSMO staff member put them on a motor coach?! Our first council-sponsored trip to St. Louis!!

On Tuesday, June 16, Girl Scouts and chaperones loaded up and began the adventure across I-70 for 3 days of good ol’ Girl Scout Fun! We knew things were off to a great start when a Girl Scout proclaimed that it was already the “best trip ever” at the first rest stop outside of Kansas City.

Upon arrival into St. Louis, the first stop was at the Old Courthouse where Virginia Minor fought for women’s right to vote. Each girl earned a badge reenacting her court case – they played lawyers, judge, bailiff, witnesses and plaintiff. They also learned about other historically significant women through games and activities!


Next up was a trip to the top of the Gateway Arch! Girl Scouts (and some chaperones) were a little nervous about travelling the 660 feet to the tippy top. However, they channeled all their Girl Scout courage and every single girl made it to the top!


upinarchAfter a great night’s rest, our group headed out Wednesday morning for an adventure at the City Museum and Aquarium! Girl Scouts enjoyed climbing and sliding around so much they didn’t mind needing to spend some extra time while the weather wasn’t cooperating!

city museum 2

Once the weather cleared up a bit, they headed off to Grants Farm, an ancestral home of the Busch family, where Ulysses S. Grant happened to work for some time. While there they took a tour, fed farm animals and rode the carousel! They wrapped up their day with a yummy dinner and games back at the hotel.

photo 2

goats 2

On their final day, they headed off to the St. Louis Zoo. While there, they saw a sea lion show and caught Frisbees that the animals threw to them!

sea lions


Keeping with the animal theme, the final stop on the trip was a visit to Warm Springs Ranch. Warm Springs Ranch is also owned by the Busch Family and is where they raise the Clydesdale horses. The girls learned all about them and what it takes to be a Clydesdale horse for the Busch Family!


The group arrived back at the council office Thursday evening with new knowledge, great memories and few new patches and some new Girl Scout confidence!


“I learned how to work things out when I am on my own,” Junior Girl Scouts Elena said!

Not only was the trip great for our girls’ confidence, but the chaperones got to see the Girl Scout experience first-hand.

“My daughter got to be independent and make good choices regarding gift shop purchases and food choices and also make stronger bonds with girls in her troop as well strengthen her feelings toward others in her troop,” Michelle Andrew said.


There is another trip to St. Louis planned for later this summer and we’re excited for council-sponsored trips for our older girls to Savannah Georgia in 2016 and then to Europe in 2017!

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