A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team Cookie Constructors


T-minus 80 days and counting until Cookie Construction Build Day on March 5, 2016!

Our seven Cookie Construction teams are working hard fine tuning their designs and getting all the details right to place their cookie box order which is due next month. Each team can order up to 1,000 cookie boxes but they have to tell us the number of each color box they need for their unique designs!

We caught up with Team Cookie Constructors who have been working with four mentors – Ashley Simpson, Megan Pfau, Snehal Kadam and Sarah Masalskis, all from HNTB Corporation!

The mentors and girls have both learned something together…building with boxes isn’t easy but building friendships is!

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“It’s really difficult to build with cookie boxes,” Girl Scout Cadette Lola M. explained. “It’s fun though because we get to spend time with people we don’t know.”

The Girl Scouts on the Cookie Constructors team come from all different troops, never having worked with each other before…or their mentor professionals. Cookie Construction is the only opportunity for many of these Girl Scouts to get hands on experiences with creating, designing and building.

“As a kid, I like how we have actual professionals to work with and learn from,” Patty said.

The girls aren’t the only ones benefitting from this program either! In a field that has been historically dominated by men, these female mentors are getting to share their passion for architecture and design. “It’s been fun sharing what architecture is all about with the girls,” mentor Ashley Simpson said.

2015-12-08 18.29.52

Collaboration and problem solving is an important skill to learn, no matter what you want to be when you grow up. “Our hope is that the girls will continue to develop these important skills during their time in this program.” Ashley explained. “It’s great seeing them work through trial and error, figuring out what will or won’t work, and then working as a team to come up with a solution.”

Girl Scouts and mentors are equally excited to finally see all their hard work come to fruition. “We’re putting so much effort in and see it on paper, I can’t wait to see it all come together,” Kennady said!

Join Cookie Constructors and the other six teams at Crown Center for Cookie Construction Build Day and see the structures on display through March 24!


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