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Today is a special day for Girl Scouts – and for giving across the globe. It’s GIVING TUESDAY!  If you haven’t heard of Giving Tuesday, we are excited to introduce you to this new holiday that’s encouraging everyone to take time to give together for one powerful day. describes the holiday as: “a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Giving Tuesday has become a movement that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy.” We are thrilled to join this movement once again as an official #GivingTuesday partner!

This celebration offers us the opportunity to celebrate our amazing donors and volunteers and use the power of social media to share why it’s great to “Give to Empower Girls” TODAY!  By giving to Girl Scouts today, you are helping our Opportunity Fund, which ensures girls can get their most out of their Girl Scout experience, no matter their family’s financial situation.

What’s extra special about giving to Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri is that you are giving to girls in OUR community. Your support of the Opportunity Fund enables LOCAL girls to broaden their Girl Scout experience. Your gift on #GivingTuesday helps girls in need by providing financial assistance for membership fees and uniforms, Girl Scout books, fees for activities such as zip lining, field trips and camping experiences.

Our Girl Scouts give every day throughout the year, so we ask you to join them by giving today. “[Girl Scouts] gave me opportunities to give back to people and to the community. It also allowed me to give back to myself, become a better leader, a more critical thinker and to give back to others,” said Ambassador Girl Scout, Teresa Shockley, one of our inspiring 2016 Gold Award recipients.

Teresa Shockley is an excellent example of how Girl Scouts are creating positive change in our council and the work that your gift today goes to support. For her Gold Award project, Teresa used her personal battle with mental illness (specifically depression, anxiety and self-harm behaviors) to help other teens. For someone who has battled mental illness, the power of achieving the highest award offered in Girl Scouts is a success story all on its own. However, this project is extra special because in addition to helping Teresa with her personal goals, it created an ongoing recovery resource for teens battling with mental illness.

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Teresa’s innovative program is called “Reading for Recovery,” and utilizes books as a coping mechanism for teens suffering from mental illness. Since reading was a major part of her recovery, Teresa handpicked books for the program based on first-hand experiences with each story. Once she gathered the books, she put personal notes about what impact each book had on her recovery and began stocking her “little free libraries.” These “free little libraries” are small, brightly painted wooden structures that can be placed in lawns or in building and invite the community to take and leave books completely free. By also including bracelets for teens to take with each book, the program also provides a wearable reminder that they are on the path to recovery. Now with six locations in the Kansas City area, the libraries are putting recovery resources where they’re needed most.

“I picked this project because I struggled with these challenges myself and my friends have struggled as well. I really improved in my life, so I wanted to help others find their own road to recovery,” said Teresa. Her story is just one of the thousands of projects Girl Scouts and their troops take on every year to make our entire Council a better place for everyone.

By giving to empower girls today, you are giving to many causes all at once. Your support of these programs help girls use their passion to give back to our community. As Teresa says, “Everything [Girl Scouts] does is good. We work with mental health projects, physical health projects, animal shelters, food pantries, everything. No matter what you care about, Girl Scouts is doing something good for it.”

It’s easy to get involved with #GivingTuesday and the GSKSMO “Give to Empower Girls” campaign today. You can start by donating to our special Giving Tuesday donation page. GIFTS OF ANY AMOUNT help provide new experiences through our Opportunity Fund. Once you’ve donated, we invite you to change your profile image as a digital badge showing you gave today and share the link to the donation page on your social media sites. If you decided to join our monthly giving program (Daisy’s Circle) as your donation today, or are already a member who decided to give an additional gift, we have a profile photo just for you.

Facebook users can also give by joining our Facebook Event and inviting friends and family to join as well. Finally, join the conversation by engaging with our Facebook Page and share why you “Give to Empower Girls.”

To learn more about Teresa’s story, check out these links for her program page and news coverage of her story. If you want to share your story of why you GIVE TO EMPOWER GIRLS, comment below!

Teresa’s Story and Information on the Gold Award:


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