5 Tips for Successful Cookie Booth Sales

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Did you know that there are great resources to help girls make awesome Cookie Booths? Check out these sites for templates, name tags, thank you cards and other goodies. These can serve as a great spring-board for some girl-led booth creations…and lots of sales!

  1. Spread the Word!

Help your Girl Scouts learn valuable marketing skills by brainstorming ways they can get the message out to their friends, family and the community! Here are a few quick ideas to get started:

  • FLYERS – Flyers can be posted in many places around the community, just make sure to ask a business first. Don’t forget to include the dates, times, and location of the cookie sales!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA (be sure to have the girls take the Internet Safety Pledge)
    • Encourage girls to write the “status” or “tweets” themselves, rather than just asking parents to post times and location.
    • Create Facebook events (here’s how!)
    • Create a troop hashtag (#Troop1234Cookies) and bring it into your design. How about a selfie station with the hashtag for customers to show off their purchase?
  • INVITATIONS – Girls can make personalized invites for special friends and family from simple craft supplies. Ask girls to hand deliver these for a special touch!


  1. Bling Your Booth!

An interesting booth can really draw shoppers! Be creative with our overall theme, Dream, Design, Do and have girls figure out the message behind the booth design (it’s a great conversation starter). Aside from drawing customers to your booth, you’ll also be able to enter the Council and National “Bling Your Booth” competition (more on that in #4)! Here are some places to start for design ideas:

  • THEME – As part of broad Dream, Design, Do theme, select something that is meaningful to your troop and goals. Is your troop planning to do a service project for animals with cookie sales? How about doing a zoo theme for your booth? This opens the door for customer conversation about troop goals.
  • BREAK INTO TEAMS – Girls can divide into teams to better manage creation of the booth. Dividing up the work helps the girls learn to work in smaller groups and come together to achieve larger goals – just like committees in an office setting!
  • CONNECT WITH ARTISTS – Once you have a theme and teams, ask around the community to see if a local artist would teach a craft that can be incorporated into the design. Doing a wildlife theme? See if a local origami artist will come teach girls how to make paper butterflies they can display on their booth! Not only will the girls learn a new craft they can show off, but the artist will probably love promoting their participation and boost traffic!


Bling 484


  1. Bling Your Booth Competition!

Your troop’s booth looks amazing, so why not compete for some great Girl Scout prizes! Check out the special blog post about GSKSMO’s 2015 Bling Your Booth Grand Champions – Troop 484 from Chillicothe, Mo. These winners got a special party and visit from Council CEO, Joy Wheeler! Don’t forget to also enter the National Bling Your Booth competition!

  • GSKSMO – Theme: “Dream, Design, Do”(see gsksmo.org for more details starting Feb. 5!) Competition Weeks:
    • Week 1: Week of Feb. 15 – 21, submit photos by Feb. 22, vote: 24-26, announce winner Feb. 27
    • Week 2: Week of Feb. 22 – 29, submit photos by Feb. 29, vote: Mar. 2-4, announce winner March 5
    • Week 3: Week of Feb. 29 – March 6, submit photos by March 7, vote 9-11, announce winner on March 12
    • Week 4: Week of March 7-13, submit photos by March 14, vote 16-18, announce winner on March 19.
    • Final Round: all weekly winners are submitted for a Final 4 competition, which includes 40% voting and 60% vote by an impartial judging panel – Voting Opens Mar. 21 – closes on Mar. 24 and announced on Friday, March 25.
  • Prizes:
  • Weekly Prizes:
    • 1st Place – each Girl Scout receives a patch and the troop receives $200 in Cookie Dough; 2nd Place – each Girl Scout receives a patch and the troop receives $100 in Cookie Dough; 3rd Place – each Girl Scout receives a patch and the troop receives $75 in Cookie Dough
  • Grand Champion Round
    • 1st Place – a Bling Your Booth Party to be planned in partnership with the winning troop (includes food, games, surprises and lots of FUN!) Valued up to $350 (based on troop size); 2nd Place – $150 more in Cookie Dough; 3rd Place – $100 more in Cookie Dough; 4th Place – $50 more in Cookie Dough
  • GSUSA – Facebook Event (Entry deadline: April 23, 2016)
    • Prizes: 25 troops with the most votes win $250!


  1. Customer Service

Help Girl Scouts develop innovative customer service ideas to engage customers! Here are a couple of ideas to get them rolling:

  • RECIPES – Create recipe cards for each type of cookie to encourage people to buy a variety and thus more cookies! You could also give recipes that correlate to holidays (encouraging buyers to stock up). You can find some great recipes online (Girl Scout Recipes & Pinterest)
  • THANK YOU’S – Help younger Girl Scouts design small cards that can be printed and cut out to give with each sale. These little Thank You cards can talk about troop goals, thank them for their business and list additional dates the booth will be open.
  • INTERACT – Encourage girls to talk with customers and let them know where proceeds go, troop goals and what the girls learn from the Cookie Program. Not only does this help develop one of The 5 Skills (People Skills), but informs a customer about the great work the troop is doing. Engage with an activity – have jars and beads where people can vote for the best overall cookie flavor – 1 bead per box purchased!


Above all – have a lot of fun with your booth. If girls are smiling, engaged, excited and dedicated, buyers are more likely to make a purchase. As with all cookie sales, make sure girls are following cookie etiquette and guidelines to make this a great cookie season for everyone! SELL ON!

Use the comment section below and tell us how your troop is getting creative!

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