A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team High Flyers


Have you been keeping up with the progress of our Cookie Construction Teams?! We’re over halfway through our team coverage with today’s update!

Team High Flyers is being led by female design professionals, Alison Lampier, Harsha Royyuru, Natalie Berg and Macrina Abdouch of HOK Architecture. These fabulous women have been teaching their team of Girl Scout Cadettes all about engineering, design and architecture in order to create a three-dimensional structure made out of (up to) 1,000 Girl Scout Cookie boxes!

The Mentors demonstrate how their structure will appear!

The Mentors demonstrate how their structure will appear!

This year’s Cookie Construction theme is Dream. Design. Do. Outdoor Adventure. and  team High Flyers left their first meeting in September knowing exactly what they wanted to build. (While we don’t want to ruin the surprise, you can make some guesses on their structure by their team name…). They have spent the past four months using their new knowledge of architecture to design the perfect structure.   Well just like in the real architecture and design world, plans sometimes have to change. They recently learned that the materials they had planned to use as support were not approved materials in the competition.

This news didn’t even seem to faze the girls. The mentors presented the information, and gave them two options: continue with the original structural plan and be disqualified from winning any awards or explore a new support system. They unanimously decided to explore new ideas – they want to win!

“The girls have been very understanding about the pressures to change our design because of box numbers, structural capabilities, material strength, etc. They’ve even come up with some great ideas for solutions when problems arise, so they’re dealing with it very productively and gracefully!” Team Mentor Harsha Royyuru said.


Mentor Natalie Berg was a Girl Scout and remembers how all the neat experiences she had through Girl Scouts made a big difference in her life and it’s coming full circle for her now as she leads Girl Scouts in this program.

“I feel like I’ve already gained so much! Having to run meetings and manage all the girls at once has helped me with my client interaction – when I’ve been meeting with clients, I now think about how I would explain something to one of the girls,” Natalie explained.

Many of the girls on the team have never had an experience designing and building like they’re getting in Cookie Construction. “This is something I’ve never done before and something that I probably won’t for a while again. Well, I hope I get to do more of this soon!” Girl Scout Cadette Sadie C. said.

“No one ever told me as a kid that I could be an architect. I played with Legos and Lincoln Logs, but I never knew it was a profession. We need more women in these professions,” mentor Al Lampier explained.

The team was working on building a scaled-down version of their design.

The team was working on building a scaled-down version of their design.

Even if the girls don’t grow up to be engineers, architects or designers, they’re learning soft skills such as teamwork and strategy that will benefit them in whatever career they choose!

The High Flyers’ structure will come together with the other six teams’ on March 5 for Build Day. They will have approximately 5 hours to bring their design to life before a panel of jurors evaluate each one and award one lucky team the Juror’s Choice Award!

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Coming soon: Team Galaxy Girls, Treehouse Masters and the Elemental Dragonettes!

Follow the progress right here on the GSKSMO Blog and through our social media #gscookiebuild

2 thoughts on “A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team High Flyers

  • February 2, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    What age (level) girls are allowed to participate on the cookie construction teams? I’m looking to plan for in the future. Thanks!

    • February 3, 2016 at 9:46 am

      Cookie Construction is for Girl Scout Cadette, Senior and Ambassadors (6th – 12th grade)!


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