A Look Inside Cookie Construction: Team Silver Moons


We are only three months away from Cookie Construction Build Day 2016!

Before the holiday break we caught up with Team Silver Moons who are ahead of schedule, already working with their 1,000 cookie boxes!


Team Silver Moons is being led by mentors Tori Jarquio, Jamie Picow, Jessica Symons and Lauren Harness – all female design professionals. These women are helping their team of Girl Scouts design and build a structure out of Girl Scout Cookie boxes with the 2016 theme, Dream. Design. Do. Outdoor Adventure. This group elected to split into sub-teams to construct four elements that will contribute to their overall concept. We don’t want to ruin the surprise of their design that you will see on March 5, but know that their structure will be out of this world!

“It’s pretty special to bring creative-minded young ladies together and see what they can create!” Mentor Jamie Picow said.


While girls are working in small groups in their subcommittees, they all must work together as a team. This team structure helps them develop their ideas to make sure the final structure is cohesive, flows well and is structurally sound.

Mentor Lauren Harness moved to Kansas City this summer and was looking for ways to get involved in the community when she heard about Cookie Construction through AIA Kansas City. No surprise that she jumped at the opportunity to get involved. “I know I would have really enjoyed this as a kid,” she explained. For her, it’s also a way to remember why she chose this career path and reflect on what she enjoys in her profession!

For Girl Scout Cadette Aubrie S., Cookie Construction is the perfect way for her to get a glimpse into Lauren’s profession since Aubrie wants to be an architect!

This is Aubrie’s second year in the program. She was on a team last year that had a similar structure to Team Silver Moons in that they worked in small groups and individually to create their pieces then assembled them together at Crown Center to create the final structure. When it came time for their structure to be disassembled from Crown Center, Aubrie took the mini Starlight Theatre she had built to her school where it is still on display today.

Aubrie’s Cookie Construction experience combined with her mentors’ expertise will undoubtedly lead to a great design to be unveiled at Crown Center on March 5! Mark your calendars and join us for Build Day where you will see Team Silver Moons final design, as well as the other six teams’ creations come to life!

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