GSKSMO Takes Savannah!

On June 27th, 22 Girl Scout Cadettes, volunteers and GSKSMO staff left Kansas City for a trip of a Girl Scout lifetime – to visit Savannah, Georgia with EF Tours!

It was an early morning for this group following Girl Scout Day at the K; they convened at 5:30 am but that didn’t dampen their excitement! When they arrived in Savannah that afternoon they hit the ground running…literally…on a scavenger hunt! This took them all around the historic district, visiting the district squares and the Federal Courthouse. That evening they had a hearty dinner at The Pirate’s House and then took a Trolley Tour that highlighted Savannah’s unique historical past and the events that have pegged Savannah as “America’s Most Haunted City.” They heard many stories of Savannah’s historically dark background from war, burnings (Savannah has burned down THREE times), pirates, illness (yellow fever), and other tragedies. They were fascinated!


On their second day in Savannah, they traveled to Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace for an art session on self-portraits and learned more about female artists like Frida Kahlo and Judith Leyster! They discussed self-expression as well as themes and symbolism in some famous female self-portraits and made personal collages reflecting themselves!

Following the art lesson they went on a tour of Juliette’shome and saw her extensive art collection. The tour concluded with an interactive exhibit called “a library reimagined” where they experienced inclusive books, listened to videos and wrote poetry.Day2

After exploring the city a bit and eating lunch, the group reconvened to visit the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum where they learned about the USS Juliette Low and earned a Rogues & Rouge Patch that involved the history of female pirates like Anne Bonney and Mary Read!


Their third day in Savannah took them out on the Atlantic Ocean for a visit to Tybee Island! They encountered marine life in tide pools like crabs, mussels, clams and also on the beach with starfish and horseshoe crabs. They also went on a dolphin cruise along the coast where they saw over 20 dolphins!

That afternoon they visited Old Fort Jackson for a lesson on the Militia Program! They participated in a role play workshop where they were taught marching, saluting and about life as a soldier during the Civil War and saw a cannon actually fire!


The fourth and final day was no less exciting than the first three; EF Tours did a great job sending them out of Savannah with a bang! Their final hours included a tour of the Andrew Low House and photos outside the front gate with the lions that Juliette petted everyday while she lived in the house. They also visited the first Girl Scout Headquarters which started out as a Carriage House, then was Juliette’s garage and eventually the first Headquarters building! The tour guides talked to them about the history of the uniform (the green didn’t come along until after Juliette’s passing) and Girl Scout programs like cookies and outdoor adventure (and they found out what the new cookie will be for the 100th anniversary)- shh… we can’t tell you quite yet, but get ready for National S’MORES Day on August 10th!

The group made it back safely to Kansas City the evening of June 30 with stories to tell for a lifetime!

Have you visited the birthplace of Girl Scouts?! Tell us about your trip in the comments below!

We’re going to be announcing our next set of Council-Sponsored Trips soon so be sure to keep an eye on all our social media channels (@gsksmo) or on our Council-Sponsored Trip webpage!

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