History of S’Mores – A Girl Scout Tradition

Today we celebrate National S’mores Day, so we’re sharing a special edition blog post to celebrate a Girl Scout favorite. The ooey, gooey treat so many of us have had over a campfire is more than just yummy – it’s a Girl Scout tradition! Did you know that Girl Scouts are credited with coming up with the recipe for the infamous campfire treat – the s’more? Learn more about this history of this treat and check out three modern variations on the same three classic ingredients that make up a S’more!

Girl Scouts Smores

Marshmallows in some fashion have been around since ancient times – with the first form being the sap of a plant called the “marsh mallow” that was used as a sore throat remedy, then in the middleages the roots were candied and used an cough drop. In the 1800s the French turned the sap into something close to the treat we know – whipping it together into a meringue using sugar and egg whites. Sadly, they took so long to make, they were really expensive, so they weren’t considered something to eat by a campfire! By the late 1800s someone replaced the marsh mallow sap with gelatin and we the world saw its first mass produced, affordable marshmallow!

Chocolate also has a rich history. It started as a drink as early as 1900 BC! That’s a LONG TIME AGO! Through history chocolate (or cocoa beans) were used as currency, a religious icon, a sweet drink for royalty and finally a candy for the masses. The chocolate bar as we know it was first produced in 1827. Graham crackers have a more recent history. While they were likely first created in the early 1800s, it wasn’t until the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco) decided to add honey to them for the Honey Maid line in 1925 that they became really popular.


In 1927, the first “Some Mores” recipe appeared in a Girl Scout publication called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. No one seems to know when they became “S’mores” – although they seem to use the name “Some Mores” in Girl Scout publications until 1971. The recipes were usually accompanied with proper campfire etiquette, making sure the girls were being safe. Today, Girl Scouts and families still love making s’mores by the campfire. Talk about a lasting Girl Scout tradition!

*Breaking News* And in 2017, we will combine our rich history for the S’more and our beloved Cookie Program. We will celebrate 100 years of the GS Cookie Program with a brand new cookie – you guessed it, the S’mores cookie will debut this season. We can’t wait!!

But before you can purchase and taste the new cookie, how about trying a variation on the S’more. We’ve included three modern takes that you’ll definitely want to check out. Our only rules – they had to look yummy and had to contain the three original ingredients. Make some of these with your Girl Scouts and be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram (@gsksmo) or Facebook! Comment below with your favorite recipe or s’mores memory.

Smores Recipie


3 Modern S’mores Variations Using the Classic Ingredients

 S’Mores “Poptarts” – Made with a puff pastry, cookies & cream chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and a graham cracker crumble on top – these would make awesome desserts at your next Girl Scout event. This dessert is portable, easy to serve and looks amazing



S’Mores Waffle – Want this gooey treat at breakfast? Surprise your Girl Scout one morning with her favorite camp treat for breakfast! We love how they incorporated graham crackers right into the batter!



3 Layer Nutella S’Mores – A giant s’more WITH Nutella and toasted marshmallows? We’re sold. This recipe makes a giant s’more in an 8”x8” pan and uses 3 layers of graham crackers, 2 full chocolate bars, ½ cup of Nutella and a whole lot of mini marshmallows. This recipe sounds absolutely divine and would make an awesome family dessert!



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