Celebrating a Historic Milestone

By: Joy Wheeler, CEO

We celebrate a historic milestone; the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment providing women the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted. However, women of color were not assured the same right until 50 years later in the Voting Rights Act. Today, we support efforts to assure the voices of ALL women and girls are heard and their fair and equal representation and rights.

Girl Scouts is proud to be a participant in our region’s collaborative commemoration of the 19th Amendment.  Visit https://19at100.org/ to learn more.

Girl Scouts provides a comprehensive program in its commitment to Civic Engagement. Girls learn the work of women before them and to recognize the power of their own voices and advocacy.  Community Service and Civic Engagement skill building is recognized in badge earning opportunities.

Your financial support to Girl Scouts can help us raise the voices of girls.  They are the next generation of female leaders of change who will make the world a better place. Learn more about becoming a champion for girls –https://www.gsksmo.org/en/donate/51-percent.html